The Conversation Initiative Foundation is offering a trainee dialogue facilitator course where its students learn to facilitate dialogue circles that enables circle participants to communicate in such a way that it is meaningful, relevant, and inclusive of all parties. By learning how to facilitate a dialogue circle we learn unique communications methods that empower all role players to feel seen and heard. In safety we explore the feelings that are locked deep inside of your body.

The founder Brian says “I am not sure about you, but I know that within me my body stores my emotions around fear, anxiety, anger and deep sadness about rejection. When I feel unsafe, for example in my home or in my relationship with my children, I become alert and even possibly triggered. For years I tried to control these often irrational or illogical feeling with my thoughts or my mind, but as I became older, I noticed that the intensity and amount of my thought of control just exponentially increased.”

Regardless of who we are and how different we are in terms age, race, gender or personality we are first human, and so we all feel and experience OUR emotions. Brian goes further saying “I began allowing myself to follow the emotional logic of my body and as I did so I found that each time those mad thoughts would ease and become so much less.”

The Conversation Initiative invites you into this journey with us as we explore your very own unique body logic to release and understand the deep charges that are the source of our stress tension, anxiety, hurt, hate and so much more. Even if English is our mother tongue, we all really speak the same language. For example, how different is the language of an accountant to that of an artist.

Topics Covered

  1. Communications are more than just our words we say. How do we become more conscious of our environment and the body languages of ourselves and others so we can begin to communicate in a more felt seen and heard way?
  2. Our instinct of fight flight or freeze are here to protect us. Let’s honour them and not shame them.
  3. I am an emotional being and so how in the world do I safely express my emotions and myself?
  4. How do we create a safe environment so that the logic of our brain and its diversions of drama practically become less?
  5. Learning your language. How do we change our default language so that it can be heard by the other?


  • Venue: Our Conversation Initiative campus. Harkerville, Plett.
  • Duration: 2 session per week of 4 hours for 4 weeks. Exact days and times will be finalised
    to suit participants.
  • When: Month of June 2021.
  • Costs: R3000 (concession available)

*  If needed accommodation on our campus is available for the month of June.

We are a growing organisation working towards expanding our client base and with this
growth, opportunities will arise to start practising as a dialogue facilitator.