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It takes one to change the world.

We have yet to meet a single person that is not without their own deep seated issues and dark sides.

We all have “stuff.”

The Conversation Initiative Foundation is about communicating in such a way that it is meaningful, relevant and inclusive of all parties. Through our unique communications methods we empower all role players to feel seen and heard. In this empowered state, we open up and are able to see and hear the contribution of each others. This creates a new cohesion and shared unity that reduces the division that once kept us apart and divided.

Brian Segal - Founder

The vision and journey of the Conversation Initiative is also my personal vision and reflects my own personal journey of dissolving my cultural and ancestral walls that kept me more apart, alone and isolated. As a South African Jew, I lived as both a victim and as a perpetrator. A victim because of past Jewish persecution as well as a perpetrator, being brought up as a “white male” in the “Grand Apartheid” system of racial classification and segregation.

I understand how powerful propaganda can be, and how it sows the seeds of fear, mistrust and hatred, in such a way that it can turn even the most average person, into one who mistrusts…

My Business Background

I would like to think of myself as a creative, practical, logical and strategic thinker. In my last company GreatGuide (Pty) Ltd, which I founded in 2008, we developed, manufactured and successfully marketed and sold, a range of multi-lingual GPS driven commentary system that today are found in over 60 cities across the globe. These cities range from Los Angeles to Paris, Berlin, Belfast, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Lubeck, Prague, Dubai, Orman, Singapore and even Australia.

On a technical side – I developed technical support team to supported our product internationally. From a communications, language and cultural side, our content writing team wrote bespoke, nuanced commentaries for many of the cites. In these commentaries we included the nuanced cultural differences of each country, and then we translated them into up 31 different languages.

Aphiwe Nqevu - Founder

Our government likes to talk of unity in diversity, but the only thing I’ve known to be true in all my experiences here is ethnic mistrust. I became conflicted with such hypocrisy, a hypocrisy that at times I was I was part of. I’ve always been conscious of my underprivileged upbringing and cognizant of the presence of those who had different experiences than I did. Peace, unity, and LOVE have always been far more attractive ideals to me.

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