Diversity and Inclusion

We focus on the value that a diverse and inclusive workplace can have beyond meeting regulatory compliance.

Our course outline is included below:

In this course we focus on the necessary steps businesses and individuals need to take to meet diversity goals and achieve an inclusive environment that will aid them in meeting their corporate goals.

We will:

  • Improve relationships by growing trust as well as creating and understanding our different cultural nuances;
  • Share our approach to build better relationships and have the necessary conversations that build trust;
  • Focus on your organisation’s diversity requirements;
  • Discuss how diversity can be inclusive, not just a tick box exercise;
  • Focus on how better relationships can aid cohesion, better productivity, creativity and synergy;
  • Focus on how inclusion can help a company achieve specific strategic initiatives.

  • Aimed at executives, management and HR
  • Group size: 6 – 20 people
  • Platform: online or in person

Positive Interaction Training

Developing better communication and conversation skills.

This course imparts the knowledge needed to hold calm and non-judgemental conversations that will aid in better relationships and cohesion in the workplace. In this course participants will develop better communication and conversation skills.

Being able to have the right conversation with the right person is often vital to career growth in the corporate space. Being intentional with a relationship can be mutually beneficial – you will learn how you can best make an impact in an organisation and the other person will feel heard.

It is equally important to be able to build a relationship with the correct stake holders or client that might lead to a sale or aid you in meeting your desired business outcomes. This will also be a mutually beneficial relationship – your client will feel heard and will be able to express their true challenges and needs, and you will be able to understand and help them solve them. You will become a trusted adviser.

Aimed at executives, management and HR. Can be offered to all employees.

Unlearning Unconscious Bias

We all carry Unconscious Bias. This is part of our human condition.

We create a safe space to explore these Unconscious Bias in a way that enables us to achieve a better understanding of our differences and how to respect them. Through authentic and non-judgmental conversations discuss the impact of our past as well as our cultural, gender and religious differences, and how they can unknowingly alter the level of relationships that we are able to have. We aim to open dialogue in a way that will enable participants to be able to have more authentic relationships with each other and undo their own unconscious bias in a safe environment.

Our trained facilitators will enable conversations in a contained and safe way, that will build relationships.

Aimed at all employees

Cultural Sensitivity Training

This interactive workshop focuses in an inclusive way on the many diverse cultures in South Africa, how they differ and how we can be more understanding and therefore respectful of them. Participants will leave the course with the skills needed to have more meaningful conversations that will result in better relationships that are mindful of cultural sensitivities and allow both parties to feel valued.

Aimed at all employees

Mentor Training

In this workshop we focus on how individuals and leaders can build relationships and become mentors in communication.

We will give participants the steps needed to build intentional relationships that will aid in their personal growth and allow them to better meet their strategic objectives. We will aid individuals to have a better understanding of how they need to guide others to overcome career challenges, and work towards meeting company goals. This will allow an individual to be mentored in an engaging way that will in turn allow them to lead in a more engaged with the people around them.

Call us to help you navigate a complex conversation that is taking place in your organisation.

Aimed at individuals in management or leadership positions.

Call Out Sessions

Our technique for better relationships. It’s all about self awareness, when we slow down we begin to drop our judgements and connect to our deeper inner feelings… and then we we learn to speak about these deeper truth safety we create greater connection between you, me and the world. Come and learn our technique. It is 6 steps; slowing down, feeling into it, feel the disconnection/or connection, feeling into your own truth, ask permission/create a safe space, speak your truth to the level that feels right.

It’s not about argument or process power, but all about our connection.

Dialogue Circles are free and held online and offline, as general circles, men’s disempowerment circles and women’s disempowerment circles.

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