…This “body talk” works a bit like caller ID on a cell phone. Imagine your phone ringing and you see it is your mother, or your boss, or your friend or the unknown number of a call centre agent… Even before answering the phone, how does the identity of the caller affect your tone of your voice and the ease of the conversation?

Realising the impact that we have on the other – is one of the core principle of authentic communication that we at the Conversation Initiative will teach you to master (Both listening and talking).

Talk Business

We understand that team dynamics play an important role in creating greater cohesion and productivity.

We also understand that given the rich and wide diversity of our country, many of your employees might feel less heard and/or less able to truly express themselves. This  results in them and the company not reaching your true potential.

Through our unique communications methods we empower all of the role players to feel seen and heard. In this empowered state, we are more open and able to see and hear the contribution of others.

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Talk Transformation

Every business in South Africa is affected by this.

Let’s Talk transformation, in a new different and empowered way.

How do we empower all so that it begins to happens more naturally, and organically. with a greater speed that builds capacity, skills, trust and teamwork. Can it be done in such a way that t it builds security – not matter who you are. (Be it Back, White, Coloured, male or female).

We feel this is possible…

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Talk Schools

Being a teenager in today’s world is pressurised, with peer pressure, social issues, climate issues as well as parents and societies expectations. Career choices are very different to those of their parents. This coupled with the internet, YouTube and the speed of social media, teenagers often lose their

In our schools programs we include educators, parents and learners.

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A Cup Of Tea

No matter what your culture or beliefs are, we all enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee) and so in the Cup Of Tea programs we invite you to invite us into your home for you to share any topic or conversation that is close to your heart. In this way we learn more about your culture and you learn more about mine.

“South Africa is a diverse country, As a white male how much do I truly know about what is close to your heart.” – Brian Segal

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Dialogue Circles

Our technique for better relationships. It’s all about self awareness, when we slow down we begin to drop our judgements and connect to our deeper inner feelings… and then we we learn to speak about these deeper truth safety we create greater connection between you, me and the world. Come and learn our technique. It is 6 steps; slowing down, feeling into it, feel the disconnection/or connection, feeling into your own truth, ask permission/create a safe space, speak your truth to the level that feels right.

It’s not about argument or process power, but all about our connection.

Dialogue Circles are free and held online and offline, as general circles, men’s disempowerment circles and women’s disempowerment circles.

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Dialogue Initiator / Facilitator Training

We are growing into schools, businesses and homes and if your heart speaks to you we would love you to join our team as a dialogue initiator so that you too can lead a group.

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