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The Conversation Initiative Foundation is about communicating in such a way that it is meaningful, relevant and inclusive of all parties. Through our unique communications methods we empower all role players to feel seen and heard. In this empowered state, we are more open and able to see and hear the contribution of others. This cohesion creates a new shared unity that reduces the division that once kept us apart and divided.

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Let's talk Transformation

Every business in South Africa is affected by this. Let's Talk transformation, in a new, different and empowered way.

We help business transform by empowering individuals to hear and be heard.

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Each month we delve into different topics. Future themes and topics will include race, culture, relationships and parenting.

This Month's Theme is Bullying

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A Cup Of Tea

South Africa is a diverse country. We experience such different realities depending on whether you are white or black, rich or poor, male or female, gay or straight etc...

Every month we feature ordinary people sharing what it is to be themselves.

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Let's talk Business

Let us help you enhance your staff communications - improving productivity and reducing office backstabbing and politics.

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Let's talk Schools

Empowering our youth to navigate the world around them. They are our future leaders.

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Join a dialogue Circle, start your own dialogue circle or train as a dialogue initiator (facilitator).

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“As a child I was always told it takes two to change, but with the Conversation Initiative’s methods, I have discovered that it takes only one (Me) to change.”

- Brian Segal, Founder of Conversation Initiative

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