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At our core, the Conversation Initiative is about building relationships.

We improve communication about what really matters to us, and we aid in building trust across the racial, gender, generational and cultural barriers.

We work towards both employees and employers feeling heard, seen and valued.

We strive for a world free of the deep seated walls we have unconsciously built within us and between us

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Let's Talk Relationships

The Conversation Initiative aims to develop and promote methods that enable the development of more connected conversations.

Our non-judgemental approach helps to develop and build skills for communication and purposeful engagement.

Within our programs we create a safe shared space for participants to open up to their own vulnerabilities, allowing us to connect in a profound and different way with each others.

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Join us as we delve into different themes and topics, and have the conversations that will allow us to be more united and connected.

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A Cup Of Tea

South Africa is a diverse country. We experience such different realities depending on whether you are white or black, rich or poor, male or female, gay or straight etc…

Every month we feature ordinary people sharing what it is to be themselves.

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