Why the Conversation Initiative Foundation is needed in your business today!

We understand that team dynamics play an important role in creating greater cohesion and productivity.

We also understand that given the rich and wide diversity of our country, many of your employees might feel less heard and/or less able to truly express themselves. This results in them and the company not reaching your true potential.

The Conversation Initiative Foundation is about how we communicate, in such a way that it is meaningful, relevant and inclusive of all parties. Through our unique communications methods we empower all of the role players to feel seen and heard. In this empowered state, we are more open and able to see and hear the contribution of others.

This cohesion, creates a new shared office unity that reduces the division that once kept us more apart and divided.

Benefits To Your Employees and Your Business

Reduction in the levels of stress and an improved sense of connection between staff and team members results in:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater Staff retention
  • Team cohesiveness
  • Improved communication
  • Improved conflict resolution
  • Empowered staff that are able to ask about the tasks that they do not fully understand

Our Offering

1 – Keynote Address

This is (30/45) min talk with employees covering a range of topics that all ultimately focus on having authentic yet safe conversations in the workplace. These conversations, are free from blame, shame and judgment, thereby opening the lines of communications, like never before.

The aim is to empower Employees to have meaningful, honest, enlightened and safe conversations which leads to better productivity within teams and the workplace.

Most employees bring the “silent topics” such as ethnicity, gender, beliefs, nationality, education and social issues to their workplace. These “silent topics” generally create a great deal of animosity and division. Our talks are about how we can have safe, open and inclusive conversations around them.

  • Team sizes: Starting from 10 and going up to 150 people per session.
  • Duration: 30- 45 minutes.
  • Method: In-person (preferred) or On-line via Zoom/ Teams. Handouts and can be tailored to a particular audience or issue.

Some of our standard topics that we offer for FREE:

  • How do we communicate beyond Criticism: . Let us empower your company to communicate better. What is communications, how does this differ between the different genders, ages, race or cultures; and between customers and employees.
  • Beyond Criticism: I have seldomly found someone who truly welcomes criticism, but yet so much of what we do at work about being criticized and/ or blamed? How can we change this culture so that we create greater happiness and productivity?
  • How does cultural misunderstandings affect our productivity? . As a generalisation, at the start of each meeting white culture likes to dive deep into the issues, while black culture wants to ease into it first with the informalities of “hello, how is your….” What tensions do these, and other cultural nuances silently (or possibly less silently) play within your organisation.

2 – Engagement Surveys

Are your engagement surveys a true reflection of what staff are really feeling? Can there be a better way to find out their real issues and feelings. Let us engage with them in our Engagement circles.

  • Team sizes: Starting from 10 and going up to 60 people per session.
  • Duration: 1 session of 3 hours
  • Method: In-person (preferred) or On-line via Zoom/ Teams.

3 – Dialogue Circles

This this a group programme where we work directly with business teams using a trained facilitator who will guide the conversation and grow skills within the group. In each session we give employees the skills to have safe conversations, about those difficult issues that divide us in the workplace. Using real examples of what challenges the team is facing we can pinpoint communication issues within the team and tackle these head on. It is a safe, yet open space to learn to communicate openly and without prejudice.

  • Team sizes: Starting from 10 and going up to 60 people per session.
  • Duration: 3 sessions of 2 hours.
  • Method: In-person (preferred) or On-line via Zoom/ Teams.

Costs and Fees

  • Keynote address: FREE when you select from our existing presentation topics (subject to
    change), R4 500 for customised themes.
  • Dialogue Circles: Starting at R 3 000 per session. 

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