Why the Conversation Initiative Foundation is needed in schools today!

The Conversation Initiative Foundation is all about:

How we create social change, in such a way that it is meaningful, relevant and inclusive of all parties. We understand that if not handled correctly, change of any form can bring a great degree of division, conflict and damage. Through our unique communications methods we empower all of the role players to:

  • Feel a need for change.
  • Help them identify what their needs are.
  • Help them find a safe way to create this change in a meaningful, inclusive ways that
    creates new shared unity and reduces the division that once kept us more apart and

Empowering both educators and students so that they can be equipped to thrive in this 21st Century world. This is achieved by creating safety and inclusion, and extending ourselves beyond the 4C of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. It is about how we foster a passion for life where students are able to find a balance between their Purpose, their Skills, their Emotions as well as their Material needs.

It is our belief that within this safety, inclusion and balanced, student – the future leaders of the world – will want to give back to society, and in so doing we can create a balanced, sustainable, united and prosperous South Africa.

What We Offer Schools

In Conversation, is a 45 min interactive and engaging talk with school students Grades 10-12 covering a range of topics that all ultimately focus on preparing our youth for the world they are about to enter.

Some of our topics include:

  1. Bullied or the Bully – At some stage of our life, we have all been a bully or have been bullied. What creates a bully and what are the skills we need to have to deal with being bullying, be this on the internet, and/or in social/ real-life situations.
  2. How can I trust your YES if you can’t say NO. All too often we say YES because we are afraid of saying NO. Does this empower or disempower us?
  3. To thrive or survive – it’s your choice – What is surviving, and what is thriving. No matter what your socio-economic status is – how do you make a more conscious choice around it?
  4. What does Success mean to you – Our definition of success will drive us along our path in life. What is your current definition of success and is this really what or who you want to become?

Dialogue Workshops, are weekly or monthly gatherings for smaller groups of students where we empower them to communicate better, tackle difficult conversations and enable them to step into the working world and society more confidently and more powerfully.

Speak to us to find out more about our Schools programs and how this can serve your students, your educators, your school and your community.

How Will Your School Benefit

Feeling heard is important for us all. When we feel truly heard, we feel more included, more
empowered and more driven to achieve for ourselves. This allows us to be more honoring and
inclusive of others that are different to us, and in so being we create:

  • Improved communication between teachers, learners and parents.
  • Improved conflict resolution both at home as well as within the classroom.
  • Improved self-worth and self-esteem that will lead to Increased productivity and learning.
  • A safe place to discover who we truly are.
  • A place of fun and prosperity in which education can thrive.
  • Fertile grounds in which realistic expectations according to each of your learner’s unique talents and potential can be set.
  • An environment for integrity, compassion and self-growth where learners will learn the skills to either be self-employed or that employers will want to employ before others.

Costs and Fees

  • In Conversation 45 min Talks: FREE when you select from our existing presentation topics. (subject to change)
  • Workshops: to be discussed and customized to the specific needs of your school.

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