Why the Conversation Initiative is needed in your Transformation Journey today!

Transformation that really works.

For most when we try to talk about Transformation, Black Economic Empowerment, White privilege, corruption, opportunity, wealth or even poverty- our views become divided, polarised and argumentative. Some become more vocal in an attempt to be heard, while others might become more silent as they submit in their feelings that their voice has no power.

It does not matter if these conversations or topics are silent or spoken, they affect ALL business in South Africa.

It is our belief and experience that no matter who you are, When you feel truly heard, seen and acknowledged for the validity of the vulnerable feelings you hold, a deep-deep new trust and truth begins to emerge. (vulnerable feelings are very different to those of guilt, blame, shame and hate)

Our promise: In just 3 session of our Dialogue Circles for businesses transformation, you will see a visible changes in:

  • Your business communications.
  • The stress levels of your staff.
  • The levels of trust between your staff.
  • And a new willingness and openness for the changes of transformation that is needed in the

If we don’t live up to this our promise we will refund you a full 100% of our fees.

The Conversation Initiative Foundation is about how we communicate, in such a way that it is meaningful, relevant and inclusive of all parties. Through our unique communications methods we empower all of the role players to feel seen and heard. In this empowered state, we are more open and able to see and hear the contribution of others. This cohesion, creates a new shared office unity that reduces the division that once kept us more apart and divided.

Benefits To Your Employees and Your Business

  • In addition to the logical understand we will also develop a deep felt understanding of why this
    change is needed, and how, while it might be uncomfortable, it is needed for the benefit and
    safety of all of us.
  • Team cohesiveness
  • Improved communication
  • Improved conflict resolution.
  • Reduction of stress.
  • Empowered staff that are able to ask about the tasks that they do not fully understand.Creates a culture of inclusion, which will ultimately lead to increased productivity.

The Process

Step 1 -Dialogue Circles for Businesses Transformation

In this powerful group programme, we work directly with the feelings, emotions and lack of trust we have around the issues of transformation. Using trained facilitators, we will guide the conversation in a safe and held way, that will allow and enable for a deeper trust and understanding to develop. In this safe, yet open space your employees will learn skills needed so that they can begin to communicate openly and without prejudice.

  • Team sizes: Starting from 5 and going up to 60 people per session.
  • Duration: 3 Sessions of – 2 hours (for team of less than 24) OR 3 hours (for team 25 plus).
  • Method: In-person (preferred) or On-line via Zoom/ Teams.

Step 2 -Customised Plan of Implantation for your Business Transformation

From the outcomes of these Dialogue Circles for businesses transformation, as well as consultation with management, and a deep understanding of your specific business needs, we will tailor in an agile, and measurable way a transformation solution for you specific business needs.

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